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About Agape Casa

The Mangiarotti Collection

Angelo Mangiarotti, is one of the great names of Twentieth century Italian design, a committed, cultivated and brilliant designer, capable of embracing the ideals of the Modern Movement and going beyond them with his experimental and extremely original designs.

Like Mies van der Rohe, but with an engineering background; like Jean Prouvé, but with a freer and more creative spirit; like Constantin Brancusi, but in line with the construction technology of his time: this is Angelo Mangiarotti. He has succeeded in applying his unique talent to projects of different scales, ranging from architecture to design and, although an advocate of rigorous functionalism, has never neglected the pursuit of elegance and beauty in his work. He pushed beyond conventional boundaries and moved into sculpture with his skilful reflections on plasticity and form, always using contemporary materials and production processes. His approach, and the principles that underlieit, have always been the result of a profound awareness of the importance of values that have an ethical dimension, and he has created his own ‘happiness’ through the ‘correctness’ of his practice, cleverly managing to reconcile the inescapable dualism of ethics and aesthetics

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