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Surface Mounted Systems

Micro R.M. Image.jpg
Running Magnet image.jpg
Tracking Magnet Image.jpg

Residential ***
- Discrete Small scale accent lighting.  
- Great for highlighting art work, library shelving and cabinets. 
Track only 5mm wide
Commercial ***
Great for shop fitting & exhibition lighting


Residential ***
- The Go too system for flexibility and a wide range of lighting components, including suspended fittings. 
24v system with a 35mm wide track
Commercial **
Retail - complimentary lighting

Residential **
- Slimmed down track at16.5mm wide, with a higher volatge @ 48v system. This gives the option for higher output luminaires.
Commercial ***
Great for shop fitting & exhibition lighting

Zero Track Image.jpeg
Tracking Power Image.jpg

Commercial ***
3 Phase track with high output fixtures.Accent light for Retail, Resturants, hotels and museums.

Diversion Surface Image.jpeg
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